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Generation-2 Topical Anti-Androgen

MezogenRX is a generation 2 hair regrowth treatment to combine the anti-androgenic effect of RU58841 and the steroid effect of Minoxidil Sulphate, the two important pharmaceutical grade ingredients to effectively combat the Androgenetic Alopecia syndrome.  MezogenRX is the first DHT inhibitor with topical application.  It is to be  applied topically directly to the scalp twice a day to give you the anti-androgenic effect while simultaneously boosting the volume of follicles to bring back the body and density of your hair.  Since its application is topical, MezogenRX does not have any side effects and perfectly safe for a long term use.

Strong Enough for Men, Safe for Women.  While the oral administered DHT inhibitor is only made for men, MezogenRX is equally potent yet safe to be used by both man and woman.  MezogenRX is formulated by utilizing the most advanced absorption vehicle that gives the same, if not better, anti-androgenic effect to secrete the residual DHT directly from the scalp while its steroid property slows down the reattachment of DHT to the follicle.

MezogenRX is the first FDA approved and clinically proven hair growth treatment that has an anti-androgenic effect and steroid effect combined.  The clinical study done by a reputable and independent body shows MezogenRX works on 10 out of 10 respondents as compared to 3 out of 10 for those on placebos.  The success rate is so impressive, it beats the previous record made by the oral administered and even the injectables hair growth treatment.

Despite the potency of MezogenRX, just like any other medicinal products, there is a always limit to the stage of a syndrome.  If you are already on stage with an acute baldness, which means there is no visible hair left on the scalp, MezogenRX and nor any other hair regrowth treatment will be able to bring back the already lost hair.  Your best chance to a successful recovery is to start the remedy as soon as possible, before majority of the follicles become dormant and beyond help.

Consult your medical practitioner about your hair problem as early as possible and embark on a correct treatment.


How MezogenRX works

MezogenRX works by dissolving the DHT around the outer perimeter of your follicle and prevent the future formation of DHT. 

Those task can be done by incorporating RU58841 and Minxidil Sulphate in a form that is easily absorbed by the epidermis and

penetrate deep into the subdermal layer where follicles reside.










The following illustration will guide you to understand more,

1. DHT deposits that causes hair cycle imbalance

The red bubbles illustrate how DHT attached to the follicles.  Being tightly encapsulated by the DHT concentration, the follicle is unable to expand and contract in a normal way and subsequently decrease the anagen lifespan.  The normal anagen lifespan for each hair shaft is 48 months and with the presence of DHT, the lifespan is cut down to around 3-4 months.  Within the confine of 3-4 months period, hair shaft is unable to grow normally and build the volume as a normal hair. 

The density of the DHT will continue to increase and leave no room for the follicle to grow.  If let untreated, your hair will take the consequences and stop growing as a result of dormant follicle.




2. MezogenRX dissolves DHT

MezogenRX contains a topical DHT inhibitor called RU5841, a potent anti-androgen that works topically.  Once applied, MezogenRX will penetrate deep into the subdermal tissue and immediately dissolving DHT.  The dissolved DHT is secreted out along with sweat via the pores on the scalp, that is why your scalp will be more oily during the first or two months of using MezogenRX.  But once your DHT concentration diminishes, so will your oil residue on the scalp.

You can not judge the efficacy of the treatment on the first or two months of the treatment, it may not show you any visible results yet but you can be rest assured it is working fantastic internally.  Visible rsults will show around the third or fourth month depending on the amount of DHT on your follicle.  But when you see all those new hairs on your scalp please do not get all excited and quit on the treatment, you need to continue using MezogenRX up until the new grown hair reaches around 1.5 - 2 inch in length.



3. MezogenRX prolongs the Anagen cycle

This is why you are not supposed to stop the treatment while your new grown hair is below 1.5 inches.  One of the important formulas embedded into MezogenRX is Minoxidil Sulphate.  Minoxidil Sulphate differs from the regular Minoxidil.  Minoxidil Sulphate is the generation 2 of the Minoxidil family and officially is the better version.  Having had all the DHT dissolved, the follicles need to be brought back to its normal diameter, or otherwise the new grown hair will not have the original thickness.  This task is done by the topical steroid property of the Minoxidil Sulphate.  The illustration on the left shows how the DHT affected follicle gradually turn into a healthy normal follicle. 

That is how MezogenRX helps you keep the same hair for approximately 48 months before it sheds.  Now you can be rest assured that you keep all hair on your scalp for the longest time and let them grow and keep on growing.


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